King Nutcracker with Gold and Yellow Crown 14 inch

This 14 inch King Nutcracker is part of our Plush Doll Collection. Clad in a blue, red and yellow outfit with a gold and yellow crown and a golden sword, he is ready for action.
King Nutcracker with Gold and Yellow Crown 14 inch

PD101:  14 Inch King Nutcracker Plush Doll

Fine Nutcracker Doll dressed in a fancy blue, red and yellow outfit.  He wears a golden crown atop his white hair, has a golden sword and a traditional Nutcracker face and white beard. He is ready to fight the Mouse King!

  • 14 inch King Nutcracker plush doll.
  • Dressed in eye-catching blue and red outfit accented with yellow.
  • He wears a fancy gold and yellow crown.
  • Classy black boots adorned with gold complete his look.


*Please Bear in Mind That Photo May Vary Slightly From Actual Item.

Size (Width)
2 inches
Size (Height)
14 inches
Original Sku
NBG - Nutcracker Ballet Gifts
Blue, Red, Gold, Yellow, Black
2" X 14"