Viva Magenta King Nutcracker 15 Inch

This 15 inch King Nutcracker is part of our King Collection. His color is Pantone's Color of the Year 2023 - Viva Magenta!
Viva Magenta King Nutcracker 15 Inch

N152-VIVA: Viva Magenta King Nutcracker

Viva Magenta Wooden Nutcracker King - the perfect addition to your holiday décor collection! Inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year 2023, this stunning nutcracker is adorned in a bold shade of magenta, making it a unique and eye-catching piece.

The king holds a gold scepter, symbolizing his regal status, while his magenta glitter crown and magenta pants add to his regal appearance. He is completed with black boots with gold laces.

Viva Magenta Nutcracker King product details:

Nutcracker Height: 15 inches Nutcracker Collection: New for 2023 Nutcracker Style: Glitter, King Nutcracker Ornament Details: Magenta Limited availability (likely to sell out)


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Case Content
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Ships June 2024
Original Sku
Nut: N152-VIVA
NBG - Nutcracker Ballet Gifts
Magenta, Black ,White, Gold
15 inch
Wood and wood parts