Mouse King Nutcracker with Cape and Sword 10 inch

Our 10 inch Mouse King Nutcracker is part of our original Nutcracker Suite collection. With Purple and Red velvet cape, sword and purple rhinestones.
Mouse King Nutcracker with Cape and Sword 10 inch

N10M:  Mouse King Nutcracker with Crown and Sword

This 10 inch Mouse King nutcracker is ready for a fight. Wearing a jewel coated golden royal crown and flashy red cape, and carrying a mighty golden sword, this rat king looks like he may be a match for The Nutcracker.

  • 10 Inch Mouse King also known as Rat King nutcracker with fur-lined royal cape, a gold chain across his breast, and a gold crown with red jewels make him the king of all mouse soldiers.
  • Two fierce looking front teeth sticking out below his whiskers and menacing gray face.  
  • Black boots to stomp on the enemy, with gold laces, standing firm on a round purple, black, and gold platform.
  • Hand-crafted with fine detail, including a stunning gray and white beard, and red and purple cape attached by stars with red rhinestones on his shoulders.

Add him to your collection, and keep the nutcrackers in check!

*Please Bear in Mind That Photo May Vary Slightly From Actual Item.

Case Content
Expected Ship
Fall 2022
Original Sku
NBG - Nutcracker Ballet Gifts
Grey, Purple, Gold, Red
10 inch
Wood and wood parts