King of Diamonds Nutcracker 14 Inch

King of Diamonds Nutcracker 14 inch - Christmas Decoration
King of Diamonds Nutcracker 14 Inch
Behold the Majesty: The King of Diamonds Nutcracker - Christmas Decoration

Behold the Majesty: The King of Diamonds Nutcracker!

Standing tall at 14 inches, this captivating nutcracker, the King of Diamonds Nutcracker, is a statement piece fit for a monarch.

This stately king is dressed in a red jacket with gold trim and black boots. He holds a tall gold scepter, completing his regal appearance.

Indulge in the allure of royalty with the King of Diamonds Nutcracker. Elevate your holiday traditions and add a touch of majestic flair to your festivities. Long live the king!

King of Diamonds Nutcracker - Product Details

  • Height: 14 inches
  • Christmas Decorations Nutcracker Style: Festive and Luxurious
  • Ornament Details: Red jacket with gold trim, Tall gold scepter
  • Pairs Well With Room Design Colors: Red, Black, Gold, White
  • Material: Hand-painted wood
  • Photo May Vary Slightly from Item

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NBG - Nutcracker Ballet Gifts
Gold, Red, Black
14 Inch
Wood and wood parts, Glitter